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When it comes to music I don’t think there is anyone more dedicated to his art than Sinista himself. Born in South East London (England) on the 24/02/?? Sinista’s future was almost set to be in the music industry in some way or another. His father was a musician and the founder of a sound system called “Jah Revelation” and is one of the big promoters of the reggae scene, so going to clubs and meeting artist who flew in the country to do a concert was just another day in the life for the young Sinista. It wasn’t till he got older Sinista realised he was actually mingling with the stars of the time. But it wasn’t until Sinista was 14 years of age when he decided to write and experiment with his lyrical skills. After a few confrontations with his brother J-Dapz who found it amusing to challenge him to lyrical battles knowing full well Sinista had no lyrics to defend himself with but that all soon changed!

From that moment on is when Sinista got focused. He watched untold amounts of stage shows, listened to endless amounts of records and studied the new hits that played on the radio. Sinista became man on a mission; he practiced and practiced his new found art with one phrase always going over in his mind “I will not lose.” A couple of months on like clock work his brother came forth to challenge Sinista once again but Sinista was prepared!

Throwing lyrics, which were both, pre-written and freestyle, Dapz new his brother was now a force to be reckoned with. For years he was involved in various lyrical battles with other artist, which only helped him get better with each passing day all through secondary school. The teachers allowed Sinista and a few of his school friends to recite their lyrics in class whilst doing their school work because they figured it out! That’s the only way the work would’ve ever got done.

After finishing secondary school Sinista went on to 6th form and completed a GNVQ in Art and Design and then reached a cross road in his educational life he was stuck between what to do next, should he continue and go college and study Art and Design or should he take the more risky road and pursue his passion for music! But the funny thing is we all knew what road he chose or else you would never be reading this, ha!

He decided to go college and learn more about the music business e.g. music technology, sound engineering, performance and so forth which opened his eyes to how big the industry really was.

Nothing is promised to us! So everyday that I'm able to do what I love doing is a blessing within itself #AsTheSagaBegins #dancehall #earlybird #EP #eskapone #music #mdmgstudios #musicislife #dancehall #roots #reggae

But Sinista still was not satisfied, he wanted more, he decided his talent doesn’t just lie with lyrical skills. He wanted to produce artist and create instrumentals, and that is exactly what he did.

He learned to play the bass guitar and drum kit and even then he wasn’t finished. After a long discussion with his father they built up a sound system called Silver Eye alongside his brothers and through his fathers links in the business they got to play with the big international sound systems and warm up the crowd at various concerts.

Sinista’s plans were slowly all coming together. He was now known as an artist, DJ and producer, but he didn’t feel it was enough even though his popularity was growing, he wanted to create a foundation, he wanted to make everything that he did into a brand that everyone would recognise, so he sat back and thought for a couple of days and came up with the name he and his school friend called them self back in the days, MDMG, from then on there was just no stopping him. He built up his production company called MDMG Studios. He built up his crew of singers, rappers, MC’s, DJs, Producers and various artists.

After dedicating a lot of time to Mad-Dem Mafia Sinista decided that it was time for him to have some well-earned Sinista time and take a break from the business side of the industry to pursue his career as a DJ and artist. During this period he brought his distinguished sounds to the now renowned On Top 95.5fm and to this day is still blessing the airwaves every Saturday and Sunday 7am-10am.

Sinista once quoted, the day will come when everyone will know my name, and he is now well on his way to fulfilling this. Sinista has made himself known worldwide by going on tour and showing everybody that Sinista is a businessman as well as a talented musician and a force to be reckoned with.

What to expect next from Sinista is a mystery to one and all, however, there have been talks of plans to start up his own record label in the near future.

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